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I've been on the lookout for a NATO strap to customize it, but it turns out 21mm two-piece NATOs are tough to come by. So I gave in and just bought the not-on-sale, olive green version of the Casio World Time watch itself that comes with the black strap I want - I'm just going to swap it over as soon as it arrives. (It's available in a few case and strap variations including standard black plastic, green, gold and silver.) Between riding enduros and dual sport motorcycles hundreds of miles off-road and lapping open-top race cars, the elements, mud, rocks, grit and molar-loosening engine vibrations, I was in fear for my mechanical watch's life. I know they're tested to withstand water and a few knocks, but I'm a little overprotective. It was suggested I pick up a G-Shock, but I can't bring myself to put that big of a chunk of rubber and plastic on my wrist; plus, I was aiming to invest even less.

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